Friday, October 24, 2014


To effectively introduce Prisoner to you, you must see first hand the bad-assery which has ensued on her adventures with love-at-first-punch husband, Borkul the Beast, and her trusty, fluffy comrade, Inigo the Brave.

First bear witness and experience in awe:

The rules of Prisoner are simple and must be said with a Russian accent:

Prisoner is lethal
Prisoner answer to no one
Prisoner no sneak; only smash
Prisoner smash only with bludgeoning mace 
Prisoner always collect potato
Prisoner can't magic
No, Prisoner no need magic
Prisoner attack ore with two pick-axes
Prisoner kill anyone who insult
Prisoner side with no one
Prisoner is god

She beat an old man to death twice for this mace. It's value is up to a five-digit sum, and it harvests the souls of its victims.

Markarth is home. Prisoner finds comfort on a Dwarven stone bed, of course. From there, her endeavors are led by any fleeting desire and are always accompanied by her two companions.

First recruited was Inigo the Brave. Inigo and Mr. Butterfly accompanied Prisoner after she released them from behind bars in Riften. Inigo always addresses Prisoner as "friend" but won't hesitate to comment on the amount of ears, skulls, baskets, or human flesh she carries. 

After taking an arrow to the eye, Inigo always wears an eye-patch.
Inigo also always requests to use the Dawnstar if it's not in his inventory. He uses it in only draugr filled dungeons.

As fate would have it, Prisoner met Borkul (also in a prison) as a hand-to-hand challenger. His aggressive nature attracted Prisoner, and she won the fight so they married, but Prisoner is in charge.

Borkul's way of telling Prisoner she's beautiful is by saying "you have a grim look."